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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to take the Math Placement Test?
Registrants for math courses are computer screened to determine if they have met the prerequisites. There are three possible ways for a student to satisfy a course's prerequisites:

  • Score sufficiently high on the Math Placement Exam given in Testing Services at ICC
  • Take the prerequisite course at ICC and make a grade of C or better
  • Transfer records to ICC indicating the student has met the prerequisite at another accredited college

What if my placement score falls below (just barely) the cut-off score for the class I want?
Expect no waivers. The test is designed to aid in your success. You may retake the test (with preparation) to try for a higher score.

Who is my instructor?
Check out the full-time faculty

What class should I take?
Take the placement test and consult your advisor.