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Internships are a critical component to acquiring job skills and applying the material you’ve learned in your classes at ICC. A few basic requirements that will need to be met in order to be considered are:

  • Must be currently enrolled either as a full-time or part-time student
  • Must have successfully completed a minimum of (12) credit hours at ICC
  • Must have reviewed your department’s requirements related to internships. (Some require specific GPA; others are done by departmental approval only)

If you are currently enrolled in our AIT, Paralegal, Law Enforcement, Human Services Program, DACT or Health Careers programs, internships are a requirement for degree-seeking students and you should consult your Academic Advisor instead of this guide below.

Step 1
Create a Résumé and Cover Letter

For assistance, ultizite our Resume Checklist, Resume Example and Cover Letter Checklist, Cover Letter Example

Step 2
Acquire Professional Recommendations

Find at least two (2) people who would be willing to provide a professional recommendation. Professional recommendations include current/former teachers, your boss, etc...

Step 3
Find Internship Opportunities

We work with College Central Network to help coordinate internships. Follow these directions to get started:

  • Head over to the College Central Network website
  • Scroll to the bottom to select “Students"
  • Develop an access ID and password
  • Follow the link to search for available internships (be sure to search for internships; not a job posting)

Important Note:
Do not agree to be interviewed for an internship until you’ve completed Step 4! You will need to have a Faculty Advisor assigned to you if you wish to receive college credit for this experience.

Step 4
Acquire a Faculty Advisor

Once you’ve found an internship opportunity, set up an appointment with a faculty member who is willing to work as your Faculty Advisor for the internship. It is important to note that some programs have specific requirements that need to be met.

Furthermore, the Faculty Advisor will determine the number of credit hours received for a given internship — commonly 1, 2, or 3 credit hours.

Step 5
Interview for Internship

Our Career Center has many resources that can assist you in preparing for a professional interview.

Step 6
Finalize ICC Internship Agreement

Once "hired", your Faculty Advisor will provide this agreement. You, Your Faculty Advisor, Internship Sponsor and Academic Dean will each need to sign before work begins. Your Faculty Advisor will need the final agreement to make the appropriate copies and file with the academic department.

Step 7
Follow Your Work and School Requirements

It is important to follow both the work requirements outlined by your internship as well as those provided by your Faculty Advisor. You may be asked to complete an internship journal, a portfolio, or meet with your Faculty Advisor on a weekly/monthly basis.

You may also be asked to complete a post-internship assessment. This will serve better the internship program.