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Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology

Organizational Learning

From Left to Right,: Brian Montgomery, English, Humanities & LS; Ece Hadan Guleryuz, Social Sciences & Public Services; Brandi Clendenny, M/S/E; James Noyes, M/S/E; Scott Johnson, Arts & Communication; Rosemary Power, Health Careers; Stan Abel, M/S/E; Kelly Rosecrans, Health Careers; Pradeepa David, M/S/E; Youngju Son, BHIS; Mary Cregger, Health Careers; Robert Fulton, Arts & Communication; Angela Carey, Social Sciences & Public Services; Corinne Brown, AIT

Professional Development at ICC

Organizational Learning Committee

The function of the Organizational Learning Committee is to research and plan learning and professional development opportunities for all ICC employees. The committee meets six times per year. Meetings are open to any employee who shares an interest in the committee's work. The committee website at:

Professional Development Guide

Organizational Learning and Professional Development Resources for ICC Faculty & Staff [PDF]

This document provides an overview of many of the resources available to all ICC's employees.

Teaching for Student Learning at ICC

Teaching for Student Learning [WEBSITE]

This site is an online professional enrichment tool for faculty. Use the questions for reflection and the links within each module as resources for self-assessment.

Seven Principles for Good Practice

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education [PDF]

A brief summary of the Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education as compiled in a study supported by the American Association of Higher Education, the Education Commission of the States, and the Johnson Foundation.

The Professional Development Institute (PDI)

PDI offers a variety of computer and business effectiveness workshops to improve job skills and promote professional development. Workshop details and schedule can be found online at Contact [email protected] or
(309)694-5442 for ICC employee registration information.

Workplace Safety and Environmental Training

Need workplace safety and environmental training? Tim Anderson, ICC Safety and Insurance Coordinator, has access to online training modules for a number of topics including blood borne pathogens, defensive driving, ergonomics, first aid, food handling and lab safety. An assortment of management/soft skills online modules are also available. For more information, please contact Tim Anderson, (309) 694-8911.

Organizational Learning Event Calendar

Visit the Organizational Learning calendar for upcoming events. Watch ICC email for a weekly summary of events and news.



ICC's Leadership Series (ICCLS)

ICCLS is designed to inspire and equip ICC employees with the knowledge and skills needed to lead the college into the future.

The series consists of six Inspiring Leadership Modules taken through PDI and nine Manager Modules taken through Organizational Learning and Human Resources. The series should take approximately two years to complete with a certificate of completion awarded at the end. More information about the series and modules can be found on the PDI website, the ICC Organizational Learning News weekly email, the Organizational Learning calendar or the documents listed below. Additional information can be found by contacting [email protected] or (309)694-5442.

Leadership Series Online Flip Book [WEBSITE]

Leadership Series Book for PRINT or DOWNLOAD [PDF]
This book provides an overview of the series, descriptions of the modules, notes the registration guidelines and answers frequently asked questions.

PDI Inspiring Leadership Modules [PDF]
This site provides description for the PDI Leadership Modules along with the current schedule.

Leadership Series Checklist [DOCX]
This document provides checklist to monitor your progress through the series.

Blended Leadership Series Map [PDF]
This map illustrates the blending of PDI Inspiring Leadership Modules with ICC Manager Modules to create the ICC Leadership Series. The map also highlights the leadership skill sets associated with each module.

ICCLS program outline [PDF]
This 2-page document highlights the modules in the series, summarizes the program recommendations, describes the ICC Manager Modules, and notes the registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]
Do you have questions about the ICC Leadership Series? This document answers many of the series' frequently asked questions.

Leadership Series Registration [Online Form]
If you are interested in participating in the ICC Leadership Series, please complete this online form. The information gathered through this form will help us better track participants, keeping them informed about the series schedule, updates, and other news.