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Health Careers

Criminal Background Check

All Health Career students who have a clinical component to their educational process will be required to sumbit the necessary information in order for Illinois Central College to conduct a fingerprint background check. The student will be expected to read and sign the Informed Consent/Release for Fingerprint Background Investigation form.

Once the fingerprint background check is completed, the information will be kept confidential and only shared with clinical affiliates as requested.

The Health Care requires fingerprint background checks. Students enrolled in a Heath Career Program at Illinois Central College will be required to undergo a Fingerprint Background check through an approved vendor. A student enrolled who has been convicted of committing or attempting to commit certain crimes specified by applicable law may be ineligible to continue in a Health Career Program at Illinois Central College. Disqualifying offenses are listed in Health Care Worker Background Check Act.

ICC is committed to providing a safe environment for students; patients cared for by students, and employees. The fingerprint criminal background check will be conducted through the company selected by ICC and is paid for by the student.

If the student has disqualifying conviction, the student must withdraw from the class. The student may seek an Illinois Department of Public Halth waiver and take the class at another time, if the waiver is granted, or seek another type of training.