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General Education Development (GED®) Classes At ICC

GED-i (Online GED Preparation Option)

i-Pathways is a free online GED® preparation program open to eligible Illinois residents who reside in Community College District #514 and who are enrolled in our Adult Education program.

Illinois residents who do not live in our community college district can find an i-Pathway program in their area by entering their zip code on the Adult Education & Family Literacy Provider website.

i-Pathways is a self-paced GED preparation program that can be used at any time from a computer with Internet access. The program consists of pretests, lessons, and post tests that focus GED preparation on areas of weakness and assess GED Tests readiness.

Online study is not for everyone, however. The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible to participate in i-Pathways:

Additional information about i-Pathways including sample lessons can be found here. An online assessment of your readiness to participate in the program can be found at OASIS Online Assessment System for Internet Students.

Enrollment in i-Pathways takes place at the beginning of each semester and at midterm if openings are available. To schedule a screening to determine your eligibility to participate in the program, call the GED Office at (309) 694-5240.