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Illinois Central College Diversity Pledge

Illinois Central College stands committed to diversity in all of its dimensions. The college embraces, values, and encourages diversity at all levels of its operation. The college stands for tolerance, non-discrimination, and cultural sensitivity.

Inclusion is at the core of Illinois Central College's educational and service strategies. Respect for diverse individuals will be evident in the college's interactions with students, employees, and the communities it serves.

Message from the President, Dr. John Erwin

ICC President, Dr. John Erwin"When we speak of diversity, people generally think of race, gender, and ethnic background. But diversity encompasses so much more. When we embrace diversity, we're respectful of individuals regardless of their race, gender, and ethnic background, as we're also respectful of other differences - such as learning skills and geographical origin

"Being aware of diversity allows us to value the differences among our co-workers and colleagues, among our business partners and neighbors, and among the students who rely on us."

As a community college, we have a responsibility to meet the needs of all students, and when we're receptive to a diverse culture, we can be more effective. Research tells us that organizations that are culturally diverse maximize their potential, increase productivity, and enrich the working environment. In the case of Illinois Central College, I also know our College and community will be a better place and learning opportunities will be enhanced as we explore and welcome diversity together."

Dr. John Erwin, ICC President

Message from the Vice President of Diversity, International and Adult Education, Dr. Rita Ali

Vice President of Diversity, International and Adult Education, Rita AliAt ICC, we view diversity in its many dimensions. Understanding that diversity is broader than black and white; our goal is to build an inclusive learning environment that's considerate and tolerant of an individual's cultural and ethnic heritage, age, gender, religion, abilities, sexual orientation, views, and other diverse characteristics.

My job is to work collaboratively with college stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan that addresses issues such as staff and faculty diversity, diverse learning styles, gender, minority student recruitment and success, international education and globalization of the campus, people with disabilities, first generation college students, sexual orientation, and diversity awareness.

With the demographic shifts that are occurring so rapidly in our society, it is incumbent upon responsible organizations to effectively manage diversity and prepare their constituents to become more culturally competent, tolerant, and open to new realities. This is our goal.

Dr. Rita Ali, Vice President of Diversity, International and Adult Education