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Course Descriptions

Accounting (ACCTG)

Agricultural Business (AGBUS)

Agricultural Mechanics (AGMEC)

Agriculture (AGRI)

American Sign Language (ASL)

Arabic (ARA)

Architectural Construction Technology (ARCTK)

Architecture (ARCH)

Art (ART)

Automotive Technology (AUTO)

Banking (BANK)

Biology (BIOL)

Bridge (BRDGE)

Business (BUS)

Caterpillar Dealer Service Technology (CATTK)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Child Development (CHILD)

Chinese (CHN)

Clinical Laboratory Technician (CLT)

Communication (COMM)

Computer Management - CISCO (CMCIS)

Computer Management - General (CMGEN)

Computer Management - Networking (CMNET)

Computer Management - Web (CMWEB)

Computer Science (CMPSC)

Crafts (CRAFT)

Crime Scene Technology (CST)

Criminal Justice (CRJ)

Culinary Arts (CA)

Dance (DANCE)

Dental Hygiene (DHYGN)

Diesel Powered Equipment Technology (DPET)

Drug and Alcohol Counselor Training (DACT)

Earth Science (EASC)

Economics (ECON)

Education (EDUC)

Electronics Servicing (ELCTS)

Electronics Technology (ELCTK)

Emergency Medical Technology (EMT)

Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy (EERE)

Engineering (ENGR)

English (ENGL)

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English Language Learners (ELL)

English Skills (ENGSK)

Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)

Film (FILM)

Fire Science Technology (FRSTK)

Forensic Science (FORSC)

French (FR)

GED Preparation (GEDPR)

General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program - ASEP (ASEP)

General Technology (GENTK)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geography (GEOG)

German (GER)

Graphic Communications (GCOMM)

Graphic Design (GRDSN)

Greek (GRK)

Green Building Environment (GRBE)

Green Building Environment Certificate (GRBCR)

Health (HLTH)

Health Occupations (HEOCC)

Healthcare Emergency Management (HEM)

History (HIST)

Home Economics (HOMEC)

Homemaking (HOME)

Horticulture (HORT)

Hospitality Management (HOS)

Human Services (HUMSV)

Humanities (HUMAN)

Independant Study (ICC)

Interior Design (INDSN)

International Studies (INTST)

Interpreter Preparation (IPP)

Italian (ITAL)

Journalism (JOURN)

Library Technology (LIB)

Literature (LIT)

Machine Trades (MACTR)

Maintenance (MAINT)

Management (MGMT)

Marketing (MKTG)

Mass Communications (MCOMM)

Mathematics (MATH)

Mathematics (Non-Transfer) (MAT)

Mechanical Technology (MECTK)

Medical Laboratory (MEDLB)

Medical Office (MEDO)

MultiMedia (MM)

Music (MUS)

Numerical Control (NCTK)

Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA)

Office Applications and Computer Support (OFACS)

Office Occupations (OFOCC)

Orientation (ORIEN)

Paralegal (PRLGL)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Physical Education (PHYED)

Physical Science (PHYSC)

Physical Therapist Assistant (PHTA)

Physics (PHYS)

Political Science (POLSC)

Practical Nursing (PRNRS)

Professional Development Tractor/Trailer Driver (PDTTD)

Psychology (PSY)

Radiography (RADTK)

Reading and Study Skills (READ)

Real Estate (RLST)

Recreation (REC)

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (REACT)

Registered Nursing (RNRS)

Respiratory Care (RESP)

Social Science (SSC)

Social Work (SOCWK)

Sociology (SOC)

Spanish (SPAN)

Spanish General Education Development (SPGED)

Study Skills (STUDY)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Surgical Technology (SURTK)

Theatre (THTRE)

Therapeutic Massage (TM)

Travel (TRAV)

Typewriting (TYPE)

Welding Technology (WLDTR)

Word Processing (WP)

Work Skills (WRKSK)