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Campus Parking

East Peoria Campus
Like all community colleges, Illinois Central College has an abundance of commuters vying for space to park vehicles. To make it easier for students, faculty, staff, and visitors, the following regulations have been established in accordance with the Illinois Community College Act.

For further information concerning fines, appeals, and motorist assistance, consult the Traffic and Parking Information brochure available in the East Peoria Campus Safety and Security office, Room 103A.

Faculty/Staff: Vehicle identification hang tag required to park in the staff areas of Lots A, B, C, E, and F. Staff areas are designated by blue stripes.

Visitors: Parking is available in Lot V.

Disabilities: To accomodate special requirements, designated parking is available in Lots B, C, E, F, V, and around College Circle in front of the Library/Administration Building. The college recognizes only state license plates or disability placards for parking privileges.

For your protection, violators are subject to fines in accordance with our state laws.

For additional information, refer to the Campus Parking Map.

Downtown Campus
One Tech Plaza Deck - There are spaces for both day and evening ICC students, entrance to the ICC parking area will require an electronically scanned pass (parking) card. The parking pass is available in the Enrollment Services offices located in the Thomas Building, Room 109. At (or just prior to) the start of each semester students may purchase an electronic parking pass for a $25.00 charge (which includes a $10.00 card deposit) or they may renew the parking pass for $15.00 to use the designated ICC area of the One Technology parking facility. At the end of the semester or when the student no longer needs the card it may be returned to Thomas 109, at which time the $10.00 deposit is returned to the student.

Caterpillar Inc. Adams Street Parking Lot is also available for evening students Monday through Friday. To secure permission, you must register your car with the Campus Safety and Security personnel in the Perley Building.

The Niagara Deck and the Jefferson Street Deck are available for free parking after 6:00 pm on week nights and on Saturdays and Sundays unless an event is being held at the Civic Center.

Parking in the One Tech Plaza Deck and the Caterpillar Inc. lot is on a first come first served basis, but there are usually ample parking spaces.

NOTE: There is no motorcycle parking in One Tech Plaza, Niagara, or the Jefferson Street Parking decks.

For additional information on parking call (309) 999-4500.

North Campus
Ample free parking is provided throughout the North Campus. No special tags or stickers are required.

For additional information, refer to the North Campus Overview/Parking Map.