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Digital Publishing
9-34 Hours Minimum

Digital Publishing Certificate Options

Digital Publishing refers to the use of computers and appropriate software to prepare type and images for reproduction. While the digital publishing technologies of today can trace their origins to the proprietary equipment and software found in the printing trade in the early 1980's, the techniques of page layout, image acquisition and manipulation, and document illustration have evolved greatly since that time. Today, commercially available computer hardware and software provide sophisticated and powerful tools for preparing printed documents of all descriptions, and are utilized in many facets of the business world in addition to printing fields.

The Digital Publishing certificates provide instruction in the techniques and skills needed to work in all areas involved in desktop publishing. Using computers and appropriate software, students in the program learn to design, scan, illustrate, typeset, and assemble pages utilitizing desktop technology.

Enrollment patterns are flexible. Students may enroll in any course for which they meet the prerequisite; full-time enrollment and degree pursuit are not required. Additionally, those students wishing to complete a two-year degree may apply all courses completed in the Digital Publishing certificates toward an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Graphic Communications at Illinois Central College.

Your certificate options include:

Digital Publishing Certificate - 34 credit hours
Digital Imaging Certificate - 9 credit hours
Page Layout Certificate - 9 credit hours
Printing Certificate - 9 credit hours



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