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Advisement & Counseling Services


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that you might have an eating disorder?

  • Weighing yourself frequently
  • Guilt or shame about eating
  • Need for perfection, Claims of "feeling fat" when weight is normal or low

What are common signs of alcohol dependence?

  • Missing work or school because of drinking
  • Black-outs or missed time
  • Getting drunk when you didn't intend to

Where can you go on campus if you have been the victim of a sexual assault?

  • ICC has a sexual Assault Team to assist anyone who is assaulted
  • Services are completely confidential
  • You can call (309) 694-5281 and ask to speak to a counselor
  • You can call (309) 694-5223 to speak with a public safety officer

How can you learn to manage your stress level?

  • Practice a relaxation technique
  • Exercise each week
  • Talk to a counselor